Postcard Magnets

A Postcard Magnet is a postcard with a magnet attached. Postcards with magnets are effective marketing vehicles for small restaurant menus, coupons, sports schedules, contact lists, kitchen measurements, reminders and other items your prospects and customers will find helpful enough to keep your message on their refrigerator for weeks or months. We know the more a prospect sees your brand and message, the more likely they are to contact your business and become a customer. Mail Shark is the best place to by postcard magnet mailers. Each item is fully customizable, and professional graphic design is always free.

dark-icon44.5 x 10.5 Oversized Postcard Magent
oversized magnet postcardOur Oversized Postcard Magnet is one of our best selling products and great for any business looking to increase their marketing ROI. This is the perfect piece offering high visibility at a low cost.

dark-icon45.5 x 21 Folded Postcard MagnetFolded Magnet PostcardOur Folded Postcard Magnet is one of the hottest new direct mail pieces available. Offering more than double the space of our Oversized Postcard Magent, this is the perfect piece for businesses that have a larger message.

Mail Shark is the best place to print cheap postcard magnets. Whether you are looking for an effective handout or a high impact direct mail marketing piece, you have come to the right place. Because you are buying directly from manufacturer our cheap postcard magnet printing services not only deliver the highest quality but also the cheapest prices.

Our postcard magnet mailers are USPS approved and available for Full Service Direct Mailing & EDDM™.

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