Mail Shark Team Members Win Openprise Marketing Award

On May 28, 2019, Openprise announced the winner of its Data-Driven Marketer of the Year award. We’re proud to announce that our Vice President of Marketing, Lorianna Sprague and our Marketing Coordinator, Kiley Wade won the award for Bridging Data Silos.

What is Openprise?

Openprise automates the manual processes sales and marketing automation solutions don’t. It’s designed for CRM and makes it easier to clean up data, focus on the right targets, and scale up operations to boost revenue. Openprise is used by major companies like Google, HP, Indeed, Salesforce, Marketo, Nokia, and Amazon.

The Data-Driven Marketer of the Year Awards

Also known as “The Drivers,” these awards recognize professionals who have shown distinction in data-driven marketing and sales.

According to Openprise Vice President of Marketing Allen Pogorzelski, “The Drivers celebrate the unsung heroes on the front lines of marketing and sales operations. Our goal is to showcase the innovation and accomplishments of these people and companies taking a data-driven approach to marketing and sales. This year’s winners are driving change throughout their organizations, and we’d like to shine the spotlight on their success.”

The Bridging Data Silos Award

This award is given to sales and marketing professionals who have demonstrated excellence in integrating data from several sources. In short, they’ve created order from chaos!

How Does Mail Shark Use Openprise?

Before using Openprise, it took a lot of time and effort for our marketing team to segment our marketing communications. Openprise helped us unify our siloed data to get a bigger picture of our customers and prospects.

“We love working with Openprise,” said Ms. Sprague. “Their staff is intelligent and helpful, and they’re always there for us when we need help. Ed King was instrumental in helping me conceptualize the possibilities when I first met him at a marketing conference in San Francisco.”

Ultimately, Openprise enables us to execute many difficult tasks between CRM, marketing automation and backend platforms to provide clean, accurate, and up-to-date data for our sales team. “Openprise has made something that could have been extremely costly and time-consuming attainable in a way I never thought would be possible,” said Sprague. “Our team at Openprise has gone above and beyond to help us bridge our data silos, and I am truly grateful to them for helping us accomplish this! We’re honored to have won the Bridging Data Silos award and look forward to continuing our relationship with the Openprise team.”