Mail Shark Adds Plastic Postcards

High Quality Plastic Postcards with Snap-Out Coupons

Mail Shark is excited to announce the launch of our brand new line of Plastic Postcards! These unique pieces are perfect for showcasing your best offers. This helps you maximize your marketing investment and get the results you’re looking for.

We have three unique sizes to fit your needs, and multiple layouts to help you take advantage of their high-response with a variety of “gift card” style coupons. For those with the option, we also off layouts with key tags for repeat purchase tracking or membership tags. You can learn more about the different plastic postcard options and pricing here. Read below to learn more about the benefits of these extraordinary mail pieces.

Features & Benefits of Plastic Postcards

They Convey Valuable

Plastic Postcards are dense, heavy, and shiny. This helps them grab people’s attention as they’re getting their mail. Plus, their offers look and feel more like high-quality gift cards, rather than coupons. These features make your postcards stand out as more valuable in the minds of prospects.

They’re Durable

Our thick, 29 mil Plastic Postcards are extra durable. The plastic adds a layer of protection so the snap-out gift cards survive any wear and tear until prospects redeem your offer.

They’re Memorable

Neuromarketing studies show that the more senses you appeal to, the more likely prospects are to remember your ad. The high-gloss shine, smooth texture, and snap-out gift cards engage the senses to make a lasting impression.

They’re Versatile

Plastic Postcards aren’t just for sending gift cards to prospects. You can also send loyalty rewards cards, membership cards, and key ring tags to your existing customers. Remembering loyal customers makes them feel appreciated and gives them a reason to come back to your business.

They Can Be Personalized

We offer variable data printing on all of our Plastic Postcards. You can add custom content like your prospects’ names, images, coupon codes, and barcodes. Personalizing your direct mail is proven to boost your results. In fact, the DMA reports that targeting on a 1:1 level increases response rates by at least 50%.

We Make Plastic Postcards Affordable

We make direct mail affordable by giving you the flexibility to spread out your mailings and payments for up to 10 weeks. We also get you started with no money down. Your first payment isn’t due until we mail out your campaign. This approach makes it easier than ever to fit Plastic Postcards into your budget.

Ready to Get Started with Plastic Postcards?

If you’re interested in sending Plastic Postcards, let’s get in touch! See plastic postcard pricing and request a quote, or give us a call to speak with a direct mail expert.