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  • Our Strategy

    If youโ€™re like most business owners, you probably donโ€™t have lots of cash on hand or the time to plan and execute marketing campaigns week after week. Let alone for an entire year. Our owner stumbled upon this problem a decade ago, and both The Weekly Mailing Strategy™ and The Annual Mailing Program™ were born. The Weekly Mailing Strategy™ The Annual Mailing...

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    EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) is a program created by the United States Postal Service, which was intended to make direct mail simpler, more accessible, and more affordable for small businesses. There are two specific ways that the USPS EDDM program was designed to help make EDDM easier and more affordable:

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  • How to Track & Measure Direct Mail Campaigns

    If you're not sure how to accurately measure response rates or you're tired of wondering what the ROI on your direct mail is, this guide is for you. You'll learn how to set up reliable tracking methods, determine your success metrics, record the results of your campaign, and compare your performance against your goals.

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  • How to Analyze & Test Direct Mail Campaigns

    Mailing prospects the same ineffective piece can end up turning them away and costing you money. But how do you find out what is and isn't working? The answer to that question is testing. Follow this guide to learn how to analyze and test your direct mail pieces to create effective advertisements for your audience.

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  • Auto Repair Shops & “The Bottom Feeder” Customer

    I have the opportunity to speak with auto repair shop owners across the country about how direct mail can play an important role in their shopโ€™s multi-channel marketing strategy. One statement that I consistently hear from most of these owners is, “I donโ€™t want the bottom feeders.” Primarily, โ€œThe bottom feeders are the customers that donโ€™t see the value in…

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  • Digital Vehicle Inspections: Your Auto Repair Shopโ€™s Marketing Secret Weapon

    Digital Vehicle Inspection (DVI) technology can add tremendous value and benefits to your shop. However, the vast majority of the general public does not understand how it can benefit them. In this article, we review DVI and the impact it can make as well as how direct mail can aid in marketing this solution to your customers and prospects.

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