Where Consumers’ Favorite Pizza Is From

In our latest consumer research and insight report “Cracking The Code,” we asked 9,162 consumers across the country where their favorite pizza is from. A little over half (55%) of consumers prefer a national chain, while a little over a quarter (27%) prefer a local or mom-and-pop pizza shop.

There is a regional component to these numbers. Only 14% of survey respondents in the state of California reported they prefer a local or mom-and-pop pizza shop. In the state of New Jersey, 59% of survey respondents reported they prefer a local or mom-and-pop pizza shop over a chain. Further, 65% of survey respondents reported that they regularly order pizza from two or more restaurants.

Their favorite pizza may be from a national chain, but that doesn’t mean they do not patronize mom-and-pop shops. We are left scratching our heads about the 9% of respondents who reported that they don’t like pizza/order pizza. We may need to double-check the data to see if they are from Mars…



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