When Can Your Google Rating Hurt Your Practice?

It’s clear in today’s competitive market just how important your online reputation and ratings from review sites such as Google are to attracting new patients. However, what isn’t as transparent, is at what rating prospective patients will be deterred from considering your practice.

To find out, we asked 5,841 consumers the following question:

Based On A Google Rating System Of 1-5 Stars (1 being lowest, 5 being highest),
which of the following applies to you?

I Would Only Use A Dental Practice With A Google Rating Of _ Or Higher.

With 47% of prospective patients from our survey reporting they would not consider a practice with less than a 4.5-star rating and 74% reporting that they would not consider your practice with less than a 4.0-star rating, it’s critical to be aware that as your online review rating decreases, so too does the number of potential prospective patients who will consider your practice.

We Recommend

Quickly address and respond to poor reviews and work diligently to correct issues as soon as possible. If you do correct and/or resolve the issue with the patient who has left a negative review, make sure you immediately ask them if they wouldn’t mind going back to update their review based on the new outcome. Your future business could depend on it.

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