Should You Use QR Code Coupons for Direct Mail?

Hello and welcome to a case study presented by the marketing team at the Mail Shark. Today we will be showing you a creative way to integrate the use of QR codes on to a menu, magnet, or postcard.

For those of you who do not know what QR code is, a QR code is short for “Quick Response Code”. If you scan any QR code over smartphone, you will gain quick and easy access to the content that the advertiser is directing you to.

For example, instead of typing in to get to our online ordering demo site, you can simply scan this QR code for instant access. I’m sure you have agree it is much easier than typing in the URL!

So everyone agrees that QR Codes are a great way to deliver immediate content into the consumer’s hands, but how can you creatively use a QR code to give your ad more exposure and get people excited about your message.

Well, that’s the exact question we asked ourselves. So, we rolled up our sleeves and developed a strategy to do just that.

Leoni's Pizzeria Logo

Step 1 – The Concept

The test subject was Leoni’s Pizzeria postcard. Our concept was to leave a coupon space open to put a QR code in it. Once scanned, it would take their customers to a secret coupon. The “secret” aspect of this offer will intrigue the consumer to want to take a closer look at the advertisement.

Step 2 – Create Your Landing Page and Secret Coupon Offer

For this case study, we used a free website platform at no additional cost and created the website, We then uploaded image of our secret coupon offer which, in this example, was a buy one get one free wrap.

Step 3 – Integrate, Produce, and Distribute

The next step was to have a graphic designer integrate the QR Code on to the postcard. Next we produced 10,000 6″x9″ full color postcards and direct mailed them to local addresses by mailing 1,000 per week over a 10 week period from November 21st, 2011 to January 30th, 2012.

Step 4 – Track the Results

Our QR Code software allows us to track how many unique scans our QR Code has received. As you can see here from the time period of November 21, 2011 to February 29th 2012, which is one month after all the postcards have been distributed, our secret coupon QR Code was scanned over 550 times. All in all, we received a 5.5 scan response rate for the mailer and that does not include the even higher response rate from the surrounding coupons on the piece.

In conclusion QR Codes are not only a great way to get information into the consumers hands, but when used creatively, can get your surrounding coupons an ad more exposure.

We hope you found this case study informative. For more information about how the Mail Shark can help drive your sales for your business call us today at (610) 621-2994.