Should You Use Expiration Dates on Your Auto Repair Shop’s Coupons?

When developing a coupon or specials strategy for your auto repair shop, you’ll need to decide between a limited time offer or expiration date for your disclaimer. This decision is dictated by who you’re targeting and what you’re looking to accomplish.

New Customer Acquisition Campaigns

For new customer acquisition direct mail campaigns, I always recommend a limited time offer strategy. The only caveat to this is if you’re promoting a short-term offer based on a tire rebate promotion or something similar with a specific deadline.

In any other case, I always recommend a limited time offer strategy. Your prospects won’t necessarily have a broken car within the timeframe of your coupon’s predefined expiration date. There’s no crystal ball that tells you when a prospect’s car will need repairs or services. Using a limited time offer strategy ensures that when they do need you, they’ll have a good reason to use your shop as opposed to your competitor’s. Think about it. What would you do with an ad you pulled out of your drawer or off your refrigerator with an expired coupon? You’d most likely throw it away.

Pro Tip: If you do choose to use an expiration date for a new customer acquisition campaign, I recommend using an expiration date that’s at least six months past the date your last mailer is in homes.

Service Reminders & Customer Database Marketing Campaigns

If you’re sending out service reminders (or something similar), an expiration date strategy is more appropriate. If you know exactly when your customers are due for a service, using an expiration date will help create a sense of urgency for them to get the work done.

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