How many consumers are regularly visiting the dentist?

With cases of COVID still lingering and less than desirable economic conditions, we wanted to know how many consumers were regularly visiting their dentist in today’s current environment.

The Results Of Our National Consumer Research Survey Of 10,822 Consumers, Indicate That 36% Of Respondents Have Not Been To
The Dentist In The Past 12 Months.

Taking a closer look at the demographics of respondents who reported not visiting a dentist over the past 12 months, sheds some interesting light on the data.

We found that most respondents who reported not visiting the dentist in the past 12 months, have lower incomes, less education and are not employed full/part time.

This is certainly not to say lower income, unemployed and less educated consumers are not visiting the dentists. It is merely to say that based on our data, most respondents that reported they have not visited the dentist over the past 12 months are weighted heavier to the above-mentioned demographic profile (lower income, less education, not employed full/part time) as you can see from the results below.




When analyzing your new patient acquisition marketing, ensure you focus your heaviest spend on areas with higher-income demographics (unless of course your practice services a specific niche or demographic). In addition, there are other relevant and readily available demographics (specifically with direct mail) that may be equally as meaningful to your practice such as “% of families with children.” Targeting areas that have the more families with children equates to more potential prospective patients.

Ultimately, it’s critical that you lean on your marketing partner(s) and their expertise to guide and provide you with as much meaningful demographic data that’s available when determining who you should target with your practice’s marketing. Guidance from the experts will give you and your team the information needed to make educated decisions about who and where is best to target prospective patients for your specific practice.

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