Five Marketing Ideas for Pizza Shop Owners

You know that your target market of customers is going to get hungry sooner or later. Armed with the knowledge that every second about 350 pizza slices are purchased in the United States, you need to get to your prospective diners before your competitors do.

In order to increase the likelihood that you will benefit from the pizza obsession sweeping the nation, why not try some proven pizza shop promotions? Below are five marketing ideas for pizza shop owners that have turned out to be great revenue generators.

Send Out Pizza Box Toppers With Magnets

Are you using your pizza box as an advertising space? A pizza box topper that includes a refrigerator magnet is an outstanding way to ensure that your name literally “sticks around” in a household. People are accustomed to popping magnetized menus and pizza shop information onto their refrigerators as a convenient reminder.

Best of all, it can be economical to send pizza box toppers with magnets because you simply have to attach them to each box before it’s given or delivered.

Offer Limited-Time Coupons

Coupons for pizza shops are great, but have you ever sent some out only to get relatively few back? The problem might have been that you didn’t add a deadline. A coupon with an expiration date creates immediacy. After all, the pizza lover wants to use the coupon before it’s out-of-date. Always make sure that any coupons you send through bulk mail or give to customers is a limited-time offer.

Oh, and make it a stellar offer, too! A five percent discount isn’t enough. Choose two-for-one offers, or something similar, instead.

Choose Direct Mail to Saturate the Community

Direct mail is a great way to saturate your neighborhoods and build brand recognition. Direct mail pieces can be sent a variety of ways, from saturation bulk mail to direct mail using specific lists. If you feel that your pizza shop has just not connected with all the potential patrons within your service area, direct mail can be a huge benefit.

Just be sure to have your direct mail marketing pieces delivered on a consistent basis to ensure long-term success.

Advertise Promotions

Are you planning an impressive promotion, such as the unveiling of a loyalty club that will allow customers to acquire points or get free pizzas and other items? Don’t assume that a banner in your pizza shop will do the advertising for you. Instead, advertise your promotions with bulk mail flyers, postcards or other marketing pieces. A big promotion that’s ongoing for a short time can boost sales immediately, and assist you in creating brand loyalty for the future.

Have a Full-Color, Professional Menu

Is your pizza shop menu a little boring or bland? Is it outdated because you’ve changed your prices or removed/added items? Your pizza shop deserves an upgrade. A full-color, professional-quality menu can help set you apart from your competition. It also gives people a tangible list of what they can get at your pizza shop, from pizzas to sandwiches and appetizers.

Also, don’t forget that coupons can be included as call-to-action pieces to get your phone ringing and your ovens working overtime.

When your pizza shop is ready to try new marketing ideas, feel free to contact Mail Shark through our online form. Pizza shop owners deserve to leverage all their options in order to grab as much of this $38 billion dollar industry as they can.