Do Consumers Want Their Favorite Restaurants to Offer a Loyalty Plan?

We wanted to know the consumer demand for restaurant loyalty plans, how many consumers were currently signed up for a loyalty plan, and whether those who were not would sign up for one if available. It turns out that most consumers we surveyed are not currently signed up for a loyalty plan. In our latest consumer research and insight report “Cracking The Code,” we found that only a little over one of every three (37%) of the 9,161 reporting they are currently signed up for a loyalty plan at their favorite restaurants. However, this may be simply because their favorite restaurant does not offer a loyalty program. We asked the 3,412 consumers who reported that they were not currently signed up for a loyalty plan if they would sign up for one if it was available. A resounding 87% said that they would.

Are you currently signed up for any loyalty or rewards programs at your favorite restaurants?

You said previously that you are not signed up for a loyalty program – would you sign up if one was available?

The compelling number of 87% suggests it may be worth looking into the ways a loyalty plan can help incentivize more repeat business and increase the average order value for a restaurant.

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