How to Take Advantage of USPS Mail Stacking

Have you ever thought about the way your mail? The answer is probably no. Most people take their mail out of your mailbox, sort through it and keep what they want, and the rest gets tossed in the trash.

There is more to this simple process that most people are unaware of.

Every time you receive your mail from your mailbox, your mail will be stacked with the address panel facing up.
(Example below)

inside mailbox

Therefore, the side of your advertisement that contains the recipients address should be given careful consideration.

Unfortunately too many marketers deliver their big message on the opposite side not containing the address, which could be a big mistake.

Since the side with the address panel will be the first side seen by potential customers, you should consider filling this space with the most relevant and important message that you want to deliver.

Use this power tip to get better results with your direct mail and remember where you heard this secret tip first.

Please note that Mail Shark did not design, print or mail any of the advertisements shown in our example image.

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