How Do Poor Google Reviews Affect Your Auto Shops?

Poor Google Reviews Have A Significant Impact On Your Auto Repair Shop

It’s no secret that having high ratings on review sites such as Google is critical to attracting new customers to your shop. However, what isn’t as clear is at what rating customers will be deterred from considering your shop for service.

To find out, we asked the following of 8,274 drivers:

When analyzing the correlation between the age of those surveyed and the Google rating that would dissuade them from using a repair shop, we found that older drivers are less likely to choose shops with a lower Google rating.

We Recommend:

Quickly addressing and responding to poor reviews and work diligently to correct issues as soon as possible. If you can correct and/or resolve the issue with a homeowner who has left a negative review, make sure you immediately ask them if they would update their review based on the new outcome. Your future business could depend on it.

For some additional expert insight, we asked Ryan Burton, CEO of Leads Near Me to weigh in:

“Your ability to turn a bad review around is critical to your success. Most business owners just don’t get this, nor do they do an effective job of dealing with this type of situation. This is a customer service issue. Reviews are human interactions with your business. Because it feels like social media, people forget there is a person at the other end of the review.

The first response of a business owner is usually frustration and even anger, acting defensive and confrontational. If you can understand that there is a person that has been hurt, you can understand that they are looking (most times) to just be heard. If you listen to them and then solve that problem (whatever it takes) you can usually navigate out of the situation. Never talk about the review when you call, talk about the problem. Only mention the review after you have fully solved the situation and ask if they “would not mind updating the review to reflect the whole story.”

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