Auto Repair Shops – It’s Critical To Market Your Finance Options

It’s critical that you understand the pain points of your targeted prospects in relation to the products and services you offer in order to be able to strategically choose the marketing content that will be most compelling for them to react and consider you for their next repair or maintenance service.

For example, in a 2017 survey from the AAA the findings show that one-third of drivers in the US could not afford a repair bill that was unexpected. 33.33% is a pretty significant number of vehicle owners that have tight budgets.

With that in mind, if you offer any type of financing options for repairs, it’s important that your marketing message contains content that informs your prospects that you have options and that you will help them get financing for their repairs or maintenance and get them back on the road fast.

Depending upon how much content and space you have available on your marketing, there are a few different ways to promote your financing.

Below are a few ideas to promote financing options on your direct mail marketing.

  1. Create a burst or some other type of call out that promotes your financing option.
  2. If you are listing other benefits, your shop offers you can include financing info here.

    • Financing Options Available
    • Quick & Easy Financing Available
    • NO Credit Check Financing
  3. Utilize your financing company’s info, logo, etc. to create a larger impact.

Below is an example of a new project that just came by my desk demonstrating one of the many ways to promote your shops financing. The example shows one side of a Jumbo 8.5×10.5 postcard.

Included a bullet point calling out “Quick & Easy Financing Options” under the Why Choose Auto Clinic? section. Since this is a critical message, we are trying to drive home to the consumer we placed it first in our bulleted list based on the Primacy/Recency Effect. In other words, people tend to recall information provided at the beginning of a list (Primacy) and end (Recency) better than information presented in the middle of the list.

We then reinforced this with another message addressing their customers potential problem “Unexpected Repair” and our Solution “Fix it Today! $0 Down” along with incorporating the EASYPAY FINANCE branding.

Example of Automotive Finance Options Marketing

Finally, knowing that 33% of drivers may be struggling financially is also a compelling reason to have a strategic coupon offering. Giving prospects the ability to save on repairs in conjunction with providing them financing options can help position you as the best option for their repairs.