Are Consumers Still Concerned About Your Restaurant’s Covid Policy?

With cases of COVID significantly declining over time and less news about the pandemic, it’s easy to forget that COVID is still here and many consumers are still very fearful of contracting the virus.

We wanted to know how comfortable consumers felt in the current environment eating at restaurants that do not require employees to wear masks and/or have socially distanced seating.

In our latest consumer research & insight report “Cracking The Code”, we asked 9,162 consumers how they felt on the subject, and we found that almost 2 out of 3 (65%) reported they don’t care either way or are comfortable with employees not wearing masks.

What Is Your Comfort Level With Employee Mask Policies At Restaurants?

However, a larger percentage—just over half (51%)—still feels that restaurant seating should be socially distanced.

With that in mind, there is also a regional component to these numbers.

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