Direct Mail for Day Spas

For many people, going to a spa happens only as a special occasion. Often considered a luxury experience, the spa may not be top-of-mind every day. You can change this perception and boost your clientele numbers with direct mail.

Mail Shark has developed direct mail programs that allow you to consistently stay in front of the individuals most likely to use your services. Our direct mail services include free graphic design for your Mail Shark marketing pieces, as well as turnkey printing and mailing solutions.

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Spa Direct Mail for the Modern Consumer

Despite what you may have heard, the modern consumer still gets and reads mail. In fact, studies have shown that when you regularly send your message through well-crafted, professionally-developed direct mail items like brochures, flyers, and postcards, you can expect to see a significant increase in your leads.

Mail Shark will work with you to position your spa in the best way possible using one or more of these preferred, proven direct mail options:

  • Saturation Bulk Mail: This is also commonly known as “bulk mail.” A saturation bulk mail piece is delivered to every mailbox in a geographic area. Saturation bulk mail does not discriminate between different types of households or businesses versus private homes. Because it blankets a specific territory, it is cost-effective and can get the word out about your spa quickly to a large population.
  • Every Door Direct Mail: You may not have heard about EDDM or Every Door Direct Mail. EDDM is a program offered by the U.S. Postal Service that allows you to give smaller batches of marketing items to one or more postal carriers. The postal carriers then add your brochures, postcards or flyers to their mail. EDDM enables you to completely saturate neighborhoods, which can be a great asset if you’re trying to introduce your spa services to a specific community.
  • Targeted Direct Mail: If you’ve been looking for a way to make sure your marketing materials go directly to people representing a certain demographic, such as women 30-50 years old, you’ll want to consider targeted direct mail. Mail Shark will work with you to find the right direct mail lists so you can advertise your spa services to a narrow demographic slice. Targeted direct mail is an excellent option if you know the types of individuals who are more apt to become loyal clients.

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Spa Mailers for Every Type of Facility, Event, and Service

What kind of spa mailer will work best for you? It may be one type, or it could be a combination of two or more. Three of our best-performing spa mailers include:

  • Postcards. Postcards are a wonderful way to showcase a single spa service, talk about an upcoming event or promote your business with limited-time discounts/coupons. Our Mail Shark postcards are available in sizes that are larger than the average postcard. This means they are more likely to stand out among your prospects’ other mail pieces. In fact, our largest postcard is almost impossible to ignore!
  • Brochures. Do you currently have a spa brochure? We’ll help you develop a brochure that not only positions your spa as a leading provider of pampering in your community, but that can also get your phone to ring with appointment requests. Like our postcards, our brochures come in different sizes to meet your needs. Whether you need a typical amount of space or you want a generous level of real estate, we have a brochure for you.
  • Flyers. Have something you want people to know about your spa? Holding a special event, like a holiday open house or summer party bash? Flyers can be individually mailed to the people who are most apt to want your services. Make sure you never miss an opportunity to tell the world about your offerings!

You can get a sample of Mail Shark’s mailers by making a request when you complete your contact information form. We’ll send you examples of our marketing solutions so you can see and feel the quality.

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With Mail Shark, you’ll pay nothing upfront when you partner with our team. Plus, you’ll get graphic design services for free! Increase your spa’s visibility and book more appointments with Mail Shark’s revolutionary system of direct mail marketing.

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