Direct Mail for Hair Salons

While it’s wonderful for salons to get repeat business, it’s important to continuously attract new clients, too. The problem is that most salon owners aren’t marketers. Plus, their employees have very little time to do outbound calling or prospecting. The answer can be a professional, turnkey direct mail marketing campaign from Mail Shark.

Our process is simple and has been proven effective time after time. We will work with you to design incredible, personalized direct mail pieces, print the appropriate number of pieces in-house and then send the pieces to your target market. You just have to sit back and wait for the phone to ring, rather than do any unnecessary legwork.

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Salon Direct Mail Creates Familiarity With Consumers

One of the most exciting aspects of direct mail is that it creates a sense of familiarity between you and your prospects. At consistent intervals, they will receive your high-quality direct mail pieces in their mailboxes. Even if they don’t immediately make a phone call to your salon, they will notice your items. Over time, your company will register with them, and when they want to go to a salon, they’ll be more likely to call yours for an appointment.

Even if you have tried direct mail in the past and did not see the results you wanted, we urge you to fill out our contact form on this page. Many times, the problem lies with the frequency and consistency of your direct mail, not the process itself.

Salon direct mail should be used to develop long-term relationships with your prospects. It should not be used as a one-time solution because its value lies in building constant, regular awareness and connections.


Mailers in All Shapes and Sizes

What kind of a salon mailer do you want? Mail Shark has several ways for you to send information about your salon to prospects in your area, including the three most commonly-requested:

  • Postcards: Our oversized postcards are a terrific way to stay in front of people who are likely to use your salon in the future. You can choose from several sizes, as well as postcards that have add-ons like scratch-off surfaces and peel-off stickers.
  • Brochures: You can offer some or all of your menu of services on a mailed brochure. Brochures give you more space to talk about what you do and to highlight some of your unique selling points. They also provide you with the real estate to add irresistible images, such as before and after photos of actual clients.
  • Flyers: Have an event you want to promote? A grand re-opening? A holiday open house? Flyers are terrific ways to invite people. The flyers we’ll create for you will be colorful and eye-catching, exactly the right mix for getting foot traffic.

Your marketing materials will be customized for your salon, and then we’ll print them at our facility for your direct mail campaigns. You can also request that we print additional items for you to have in your salon as hand-out reminders to customers or for people who walk in.

Want to see an example of our mailers? When you fill out the contact form on our page, make sure to request samples of our high-quality products.

Stand out From the Competition With Direct Mail

Operating a salon is a competitive business, and although the beauty industry is enjoying steady growth, you can’t afford to be subtle with your marketing.

Work with Mail Shark and increase your salon customer base systematically with our proven, affordable system. We require no money up front to begin the process, preferring a payment schedule that allows you to economically use direct mail without a sudden outlay of money.

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