Direct Mail for Dry Cleaners

The long-term future of your dry cleaning business depends upon new and repeat customers. It doesn’t matter if you have been a dry cleaning leader in your community for generations — you still need to actively engage in proven marketing solutions to stay relevant and recognized.

Direct mail is an excellent medium for dry cleaning companies to expand their reach, enticing new people to make use of their services.

If you have been worried about the low growth of your dry cleaning customer base, it’s time to contact Mail Shark for turnkey direct mail services. Please fill out the contact form online, and an account executive with respond to talk about your business needs.

Direct Mail Benefits Dry Cleaning Pros

What is direct mail? It’s basically sending your marketing materials to prospective customers using the U.S. Postal Service. Your marketing brochures, postcards and flyers are delivered right to the individuals, households and businesses most likely to need your dry cleaning services.

At Mail Shark, we have taken the art and science of direct mail and increased our clients’ returns by adopting unique methodologies:

  • Consistency. With Mail Shark, your marketing items are delivered on a consistent basis. This allows your dry cleaning business to get regular brand recognition and build trust among your prospects and customers. Consistency is a key to any successful direct mail solution.
  • Turnkey systems. You are busy spending time on your dry cleaning company, and that means you need a full-service marketing provider. Mail Shark takes over all the printing and mailing of your marketing pieces so you don’t have to. We also provide you with FREE customization of all marketing brochures, postcards and flyers, enabling you to look professional with high-quality collateral.
  • Affordability. Why pay too much for your direct mail marketing? With Mail Shark, you pay nothing upfront. Instead, your price for our direct mail services is paid for over time. This allows you to get the financial benefits of your unique Mail Shark direct mail marketing campaign while you’re paying for the solutions.
  • Predictability. Would you like to have more control over your marketing returns? Direct mail allows you to create a pattern of predictability, enabling you to more effectively project your high-volume times, revenue stream ebbs and flows as well as anticipated quarterly and annual return rates.

Turn to Mail Shark and watch your dry cleaning customers increase over the course of your marketing campaign.

Dry Cleaning Mailers

Whether your dry cleaning business has one location or several, you can always use as many new customers as possible.

Mail Shark offers several types of dry cleaning mailers to use during your direct mail campaign with our team:

  • Brochures – A brochure can give potential patrons a better understanding of why your dry cleaning services are better than those of your competitors. With brochures, you can create a story around your dry cleaning history, solutions, philosophy and more. You can also use brochures to encourage new customers to try your company by offering limited-time coupons, specials and offers. Choose from three different sizes (Standard, Large, and Extra Large) depending on the amount of information you want to share.
  • Postcards – Like brochures, postcards are terrific dry cleaning mailers. Whether you choose our Oversized or Jumbo Postcards, they’re all created to be larger than the standard sized postcards your prospects receive in their mailboxes. This allows your postcards to stand out, increasing the chance that they will be read by at least one member of every household or business. Postcards are the perfect tools for announcing events like new store openings, incredible discounts and more.
  • Flyers – Want to get some fast attention focused squarely on your dry cleaning business? Flyers can be mailed as standalone pieces right to your strongest prospective customers. We’ll help you determine the right content and images for your flyers, and we’ll even do all the printing and mailing for you as part of your relationship with Mail Shark!

Ask for samples of our high-quality mailers today. Simply place a request online, and we’ll send you examples of our Mail Shark marketing materials.

Direct Mail Choices for Modern Dry Cleaning Businesses

What type of direct mail will suit your dry cleaning business needs best? We’ll help you decide. When you discuss your needs, we can determine if saturation bulk mailing, Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) or targeted direct mailing will work best to bring in new clients. You may even want to approach your direct mail with a combination of the three types.

Your goal is clear: to build your reach and make inroads throughout your geographic service area. We can assist you with our dry cleaning direct mail options.

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