Direct Mail for Banks

The banking industry is rapidly changing. Not only are individuals, families, and businesses able to get bank services in their communities, but they’re able to choose from a variety of financial institutions. To give your bank the highest likelihood of attracting new business, you have to invest in a wide variety of proven marketing techniques.

Direct mail is a reliable method of encouraging new customers to put their trust and finances in your bank. With direct mail pieces such as brochures, postcards, and flyers, you can generate improved interest and start to boost your numbers of people and companies who use your institution for their general accounts, lines of credit, loans and more.

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Let Direct Mail Go Door-to-Door for You

If your bank had the time, the money and the manpower, you could just go door-to-door throughout your service area. This would give you the opportunity to initiate discussions about why your bank is stronger than the competition. Unfortunately, traditional door-to-door selling isn’t practical — but direct mail is.

Direct mail is any type of marketing material that’s customized for your bank and is then sent through the U.S. Postal Service to possible customers. Your potential customers receive your direct mail pieces at their homes or offices and can look through them at their leisure. You are not interrupting them, as in the case of cold calling. That’s why direct mail is more apt to be trusted, read and acted upon.

Direct Mail Solutions for Banks Like Yours

When you work with your Mail Shark account specialist, you will develop a turnkey marketing program that includes the right direct mail method, or a combination of methods, for your goals.

Three of the top direct mail solutions include:

  • Saturation Bulk Mail: We’ve all received bulk mail pieces. These are specially labeled marketing materials such as postcards, flyers, and brochures that are delivered to every address within a defined geographic area. Saturation bulk mail is the right solution when you want to make a sudden splash about a product, service or event that would generally interest most direct mail recipients.
  • Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM): Every Door Direct Mail, or EDDM, is a more narrowed version of Saturation Bulk Mail. With EDDM, postal carriers will place one of your marketing items in every mailbox along their routes. You decide which neighborhoods you want your marketing items to go to, such as high-end residential communities.
  • Targeted Direct Mail: Sometimes, your marketing objectives may include targeting a certain audience, such as young married couples or those over age 50. In this case, targeted direct mail is a sensible choice. Mail Shark has the contacts to uncover lists of names and addresses for people and businesses representing particular demographic slices. We will buy the rights to use those lists on your behalf, and we’ll send your customized bank direct mail pieces at consistent intervals. Targeted Direct Mail costs more than Saturation Bulk Mail and EDDM, but it’s still quite affordable and dependable.

Bank Brochures Can Give More Information on Services and Products

To capture a more substantial amount of the possible business in your area, you need to provide prospective customers with eye-catching marketing mailers and materials. Bank brochures are a proven way to not only educate those prospects but also to get them to make contact with you for more information.

If you are a new bank to your area, you may want to use your bank brochures to showcase your most desirable services, such as personal banking accounts, CDs, lines of credit, etc. This gives you a chance to provide an overall reason for people or businesses to switch to your bank.

Have Your Bank Postcards Delivered Across Your Community

Another type of bank mailer commonly used is a postcard. At Mail Shark, we offer several sizes and types of postcards, each created free of charge to you as our client.

Bank postcards have limited surface area, although they do offer front-and-back printing capabilities. Typically, banks use postcards to talk about limited-time offers, such as introductory rates on investment accounts. You can also use a bank postcard to remind people about your newest bank office opening, changes in your bank’s hours, holiday hours, upgrades to certain services, open house events and much more.

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