Cheap flyers are perfect for any businesses looking for a high quality, low-cost advertisement.

dark-icon54 x 10.5XS FlyerPromo Flyer thumbOur smallest flyer size available. This cost effective piece is perfect for any business in need a small cheap flyer.

dark-icon58.5 x 10.5Small FlyerStandard Flyer thumbOur standard flyer offers ample amount of space for most businesses at a low cost, making it one of our best sellers.

dark-icon510.5 x 17Standard Flyerlarge flyer thumbThis product is double the size of our standard 8.5″x10.5″ flyer and is our most popular size. This product provides more than ample amount of marketing space for any business.

dark-icon510.5 x 21.5XL Flyer
xl flyer thumbThis is our largest flyer. If you have a larger product offering or a number of services that you need to promote and need additional marketing space, then this is the perfect product.

Cheap flyers are one of the most widely used and most cost effective marketing materials available. Whether you are looking to promote your current products or services, launching a new product line, opening a new business, promoting a special event or just simply want to distribute some coupons or specials, then our high-quality full-color cheap flyers are the perfect piece for you.

Mail Shark is the only flyer printing company to work with if you are looking for the highest quality flyers at the cheapest prices. We also understand that one of the most important factors that will determine the success of your flyer marketing campaign is the design. Many times flyers are distributed or placed in high traffic areas which make it crucial to have a professional looking piece that will immediately catch the consumer’s attention. For this reason, we include a professional custom design on every job at NO extra cost.

If you don’t have time to distribute your flyers on your own, don’t worry. Direct mail flyers are extremely effective at getting your message into the hands of customers. All of our flyers are also mailed out entirely by themselves and are truly stand-alone direct mail pieces. Don’t waste your money sticking your message in an envelope, or getting lost in the clutter of shared mail like Val-Pak, Money Mailer, and Magazine Mailers. Use our eye-catching full-color glossy flyers to get the job done.

All of our flyers are also USPS approved and available for Full Service Direct Mailing & EDDM™ (Every Door Direct Mail™). **To learn more about the differences between EDDM™ & Full Service Mailings contact us today or visit our direct mail services page for more information.

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