George’s Pizza

My name is Jim Voyiatzis. I own George’s Pizza in Worcester Massachusetts. I just got finished up with the final copy with the Mail Shark and I just wanted to say how happy I am with them they have been great, they should be called the “Mail Dolphin” they been very helpful just like a dolphin and they squeaky voices. I don’t know, they are awesome.

I had a really bad problem with the previous printer which I will not name and I can show you and he wrote the word “apple” instead of apply. Now, is it my fault or their fault, it doesn’t matter, printers should have the patience to make sure that everything is spelled correctly, helpful or not, he just wasn’t. I went right back to the Mail Shark and I had never had a problem with their professionals.

What else can I say? Amy was great and just the whole team. They just did a great job. I would definitely use them again. If anybody out there pizza guy wise wants to give me a call, my phone number is 774-303-8668 I would walk you through the whole process and how I got to where I am and that’s it. My menu is obviously is the Mail Shark if you want to see it and I’m sure you will agree that this will work fine.

Jim Voyiatzis – George’s Pizza – Worcester, Massachusetts

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