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What Mail Shark Delivers

Our weekly direct mail marketing strategy provides the ultimate flexibility to customize a mailing and payment schedule that aligns perfectly with your auto repair shop’s goals and budget

Combined with our expert knowledge of auto repair direct mail, the most accurate automotive vehicle list in the industry, strategic use of industry specific consumer market research, proven direct mail marketing best practices and lineup of both paper and plastic products, we truly set your shop up for success.

Weekly Direct Mail

Whether your shops goal is to acquire new customers & increase car count, or you need a customer retention marketing plan, our weekly Direct Mail strategy is the perfect solution to help you consistently and affordably accomplish your shops marketing goals.

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It’s All About The List

Whether your shop is targeting vehicles by make, model, year, fuel, type, fleets, RVs, etc. we have the most accurate vehicle data available. Our vehicle lists include known vehicle owners and full VIN numbers and is NOT based on modeled data. In addition, our lists are run through the National Change of Address database and are Shelby Act compliant.
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Auto Repair
Direct Mail Products

You want your auto repair shop’s marketing to stand out in the mailbox. With our wide variety of both paper and plastic direct mail products, we have a solution to accomplish that and differentiate your shop from the competition.

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  • Defining Your Auto Repair Shop’s Target Market
  • Auto Repair Shop’s & “The Bottom Feeder” Customer
  • Call Tracking Isn’t the Be-All End-All for Determining ROI
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