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Who Owns Your Artwork?

You’re a business owner and hire a company to design and print your brochures. A few months later you find a great deal on printing (through another company) and decide to re-print your brochures with the new company. You call your previous printer to get your artwork. They tell you they can’t send you the files because you don’t own the artwork.

Man thinkingWhat?!?!?

Believe it or not, this more common than most people realize. It’s a shady business practice known as keeping your artwork “hostage”.

There are numerous graphic designers and printing companies that use this method to retain their clients. By holding your artwork hostage, you have to print (and reprint) with them.

This is a slippery slope. Business owners get angry and decide to take their printing elsewhere. They end up having to create new artwork since they are unable to get their original files from the previous printer. This leads to branding inconsistencies since the new design is typically much different that the first.

Creating new artwork also leads to increased turnaround times. New artwork takes time to produce and often requires a few rounds of revisions to get things right.

All this extra time is now hurting the business owner because they are not marketing their business, they are starting from scratch which is extremely frustrating.

How can this be avoided?

All this can be solved by asking one simple question when you are interviewing a potential designer or printing company. Before you sign on the dotted line, simply ask if you own the original art files and all images used in your design. We promise this one question alone will save you time, money, and ensure your blood pressure stays low.

At Mail Shark, we never hold your artwork hostage. You own the artwork we create for you and can use it as you feel fit. It we create a logo, it’s yours to use on your signage, in-house materials, in addition to the menus and postcards that we print for you. If we create an awesome layout for your menu or brochure, it’s yours for the keeping.

Instead of using artwork hostage tactics, Mail Shark retains our clients by offering first class customer service, solid marketing advice, and competitive pricing. This is all part of the Mail Shark difference.

Remember, ask if you own your artwork up front during the first meeting or phone call. This will help reduce stress later down the road and help you keep your branding and messaging consistent.