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Why Timing is Everything with Direct Mail

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The saying “Timing is Everything” is an understatement in the world of direct mail marketing.

Every industry uses marketing tactics to grow their sales and client base and every industry faces unique challenges.

  • A landscaping business needs to spend their marketing dollars within the parameters of their busy summer season.
  • HVAC companies can benefit from both winter and summer seasons, but still have to get their message out ahead of their competition.
  • Restaurants can market throughout the year.

Even with your parameters in check, when timing is off (sometimes even by days or weeks), marketing efforts may not grant maximum success.

A direct mail company like Mail Shark is always focused on maximizing our client’s marketing window. For our customers, we break down the parameters and create marketing tactics that allow them to get ahead of the game.

Let’s take the example of the landscaping company that focuses on spending their budget during busy Summer months. How could they increase their marketing window?

A prime example of how we extend the marketing window through long-term exposure would be our magnet postcard that includes a sports schedule.

At the time of writing this article, it’s late April but NFL team schedules have already been published for 2015.

Even though the season doesn’t start until Fall, our most successful clients are taking advantage of this right now by adding a football schedule to a postcard magnet before Summer even starts.

Think it’s too early to send out magnet football schedules? It’s not. The schedule gives the mailer real lasting power. Potential customers might not be concerned about the message, but are more concerned about keeping their favorite team’s schedule on their fridge until the games begin.

In the meantime, your brand is in front of them from May through February. No TV commercial or billboard has this kind of staying power.

There’s another way to look at this and it illustrates the importance of timing:

  • You designed, printed, and mailed a game schedule of everyone’s favorite team.
  • You’re ahead of the curve by getting them into consumer’s hands before the pre-season starts. You even have coupons with awesome game-day specials.
  • The only problem is the local realtor already sent out game schedules three weeks before you.

The customer will most likely hold on to the first schedule that they get.

Timing is everything! Sports schedules and magnet postcards are successful if you stay ahead of the curve.

Start now for the 2015 Football season.
Print and distribute your new year calendars in November.
Put your baseball schedule on a magnet in January.

Partner with Mail Shark and we’ll make sure you’re the first in line.

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