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Oversized Postcards VS Plastic Postcard Mailers

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There are a multitude of options for business owners looking to choose direct mail to help them drive traffic to their business and increase revenue.

One option that many business owners and managers consider is the use of plastic postcard mailers that contain an aggressive offer.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with plastic card mailers, also referred to as plastic postcards, they are simply cards made of a plastic composite material similar to the feel of a credit card. See below for a few example images.

plastic postcards

Plastic postcards are perfect for certain direct mail applications such as promotions that need to be magnetically coded to integrate with a point of sale system as they can be used as preloaded gift cards or businesses looking to utilize a rewards program that requires a pre-programmed bar code application, etc.

However, for 95% of all other businesses that are looking to create a direct mail campaign, traditional oversized postcards can generate more bang for your buck when direct mailed.

Typically, plastic postcard mailers consist solely of a gift card component with an extremely aggressive offer such as a free $10 gift card, etc. The aggressive offer is the primary reason that plastic card mailers offer above average returns. The more aggressive the offer the higher the redemption rate.

So if plastic postcard mailers offer high returns, why do we feel like standard oversized postcards are superior to a standard plastic postcard mailers?

Let’s take a closer look at the economics and potential return.

First let’s take a look at the cost comparison of a plastic postcard mailer compared to an oversized postcard mailer. Below we compare a quote from a top producer of plastic cards compared to a comparable size (slightly larger) oversized postcard offered by Mail Shark.

For this comparison we used the two most commonly purchased quantities: 5,000 & 10,000.

To make this comparison as transparent as possible, the costs below are reflective of the total cost for each job. Design, printed, and mailed.

pricing chart

In this case you could either take that additional money saved by using Mail Sharks over sized postcard and invest it in other advertising or you could mail more two times the amount of prospects with Mail Sharks standard postcard than a plastic card mailer.

Either using that money for different advertising or targeting approximately two times the amount of prospects for the same amount of money should no doubt yield a much better return.

Take a look at the design comparison below. The design of the plastic postcard is identical to the oversized postcard with the only difference being, the plastic material vs the heavy 100# card stock.

plastic vs. paper

As you can tell the pieces look almost identical and since both are on quality material, the oversized postcard would win in this cost comparison and yield a better ROI every time.

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