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Direct Mail Still Delivers Results

The internet makes it easier than ever to sell products, services or materials to customers. While digital marketing has been growing exponentially, many companies feel they can leave traditional marketing strategies behind. Is this really the case, though?

Although digital marketing is cheaper and faster than ever before, it is also easier for customers to ignore. With so much content on the web, your customer needs to weed through a lot of noise to find you.

Direct mail continues to be one of the best ways to get your marketing message in front of your audience. Here are some of the reasons why direct mail isn’t going anywhere.

Direct Mail Infographic

Direct Mail Has a Higher Chance of Being Seen

Email is perfect for touching base with your customers periodically throughout the day or week. It’s easy to send hundreds of emails each week. However, when your competitors and other companies your customers engage with are doing the same thing, it means your audience quickly accumulates hundreds or even thousands of emails. Instead of looking at each one, they’ll mass-delete anything they think is unimportant.

When customers receive a physical piece of mail, they’re more likely to look it over thoroughly. Because it is slightly more expensive and time-consuming to send a piece of direct mail over an email, fewer companies take advantage of the tactic, which reduces competition and increases your chances of getting noticed by your customers.

Direct Mail Eliminates the Fear of Spam

Everyone hates getting spam in their inbox. Not only is it annoying, but also the risk of identity theft or a virus can cause customers to hesitate before following a link in an email – even if it is legitimate.

Sending direct mail can help customers score a deal, check out a promotion or buy a product without the fear of handing over sensitive information. Many customers are more comfortable with a piece of direct mail than they are with an email.

Direct Mail Allows You to Control Your Market Area

If you’re a local business, you can probably only serve a particular area, making any marketing done to individuals outside your location a waste of time and resources. Unless you’re filtering your email list to exclude people who don’t meet your geographical qualifications, you could be completely missing your target market.

Direct mail gives you control over where you send your marketing materials. You control which cities, neighborhoods or even streets will get your message, ensuring you’re reaching individuals who can use your services or purchase your products.

While digital marketing is important for business, it isn’t the only way to market your company. There’s a reason companies have been taking advantage of direct mail marketing for so long – it works.

When incorporating direct mail into your marketing strategy, consider what your campaign goals are. Choose the format that best fits the offer you’re providing and always provide clear instructions on how the customer can secure the deal. As with any marketing tactic, always remember to track, measure, and adjust your strategy as needed.