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Every Door Direct Mail® Size Requirements

We often field questions about the size requirements for EDDM mailings. Since the United States Postal Service makes regular updates to their mail specifications, it’s extremely important that you have the most current information regarding sizing and dimensions of your EDDM mailer. Below are current EDDM sizing specifications as January 23, 2014.

EDDM Mailer Size Requirements

  • Must be at least 10.5″ inches in length or 6.125″ inches in height. Any smaller and the piece will not meet EDDM requirements.
  • May not exceed 15″ inches in length or 12″ inches of height. Any larger and the piece will exceed EDDM requirements.
  • Thickness should be between 0.25″ and 0.75″ inches.

EDDM Mailer Size Diagram

Still Not Sure if Your EDDM Mailer Meets the Requirements?

No need to worry, you can always mail a copy of your piece to Mail Shark for a free EDDM analysis. Please mail your samples to:

Josh Davis
Mail Shark
4125 New Holland Rd
Mohnton, PA 19540

Simply call us at (610) 621-2994 or email josh@themailshark.com to let us know your mailer is on it’s way. We will review your design and let you know if it meets current EDDM mailing specifications.

Why Choose Mail Shark for Your Next EDDM Campaign?

While there are many companies that offer EDDM printing, Mail Shark offers two things that most others do not.

  • EDDM Marketing Expertise – We are a marketing company that specializes in direct mail strategies. While most companies are commercial printers, we are a team of marketing consultants that have our own print production facility. We focus heavily on the strategy of our customers campaigns. Our goal is to have all our direct mail campaigns be memorable and have maximum impact.
  • Free EDDM Graphic Design – Graphic design can make or break a mailer. A great design will catch the viewer’s eye, where as a bad design will simply get thrown away. And it’s not just about the graphics, as you can see in our article above, there are important aspects to consider when producing your next EDDM mailer. Save yourself the hassle and hire Mail Shark to design your next EDDM mailer. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your artwork is being designed by a professional graphic artist.

Sound good? Contact us today for more information.