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Coupon Tips: The Upsell

Every pizza shop and restaurant owner wants higher ticket averages and higher sales. One of the easiest ways to increase ticket averages is to upsell customers into purchasing additional items such as appetizers, beverages, desserts, etc.

Full service pizza shops & restaurants can execute this by properly training their servers and staff to suggestively upsell their customers. The upsell is such an important aspect to increase sales that you will now see that most robust online ordering systems include features that automatically prompt customers with pop ups to purchase add on items.

However, in the case of a take-out menus and direct mailed marketing pieces, you do not have the luxury of having a server upsell your customers. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your coupons are designed strategically to include suggestive upsells. Implementing this can mean the difference between thousands of dollars in increased sales.

There are two strategies you can use to suggestively upsell customers.

  1. You can add a suggestive upsell item that compliments the main offer of the coupons at no discount.
  2. You can offer a discount on the suggested upsell item.

See the example below.

HOT TIP: When choosing items to upsell, choose items that make you the MOST money, as long as they are complimentary to the other items being offered. Remember you don’t just want to drive sales you want to drive net profits. Turn your take-out menus & direct mail pieces into strategically placed sales people.

Either route that you choose, I encourage you to implement this strategy immediately and start increasing ticket averages on these orders.

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