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EDDM® Targeting Limitations What You Need to Know

Since the USPS has rolled out their Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM®) program in 2011, there continues to be a lot of confusion about what it is and how it works. Business owners are looking to answer one simple question.

How can I get the most from my EDDM mailing?

Every Door Direct Mail is supposed to be a simplified direct mail solution that allows business owners and managers to distribute a postcard, flyer, menu, or brochure to their local area without having to purchase a mailing list or mailing permit. You simply drop off your mail pieces at the post office and your local postal carrier will deliver them to “every door” in the neighborhood. For more information, please visit our Every Door Direct Mailing page.

I wanted to address an important consideration that many business owners are overlooking before placing their order for EDDM products.

As its name implies “Every Door Direct Mail” is delivered to everyone in a specific carrier route. You can exclude addresses such as businesses or PO Boxes, but for the most part, EDDM mailers are delivered to every address in your chosen area.

Now let’s take a few seconds to think about the fact that your mailer will be going EVERY DOOR in your area. Is this really the best option for all businesses?

The answer is NO.

In order to know if EDDM is right for your business, your first need to look at your target market. For example, let’s say your business specializes in supplying powered wheelchairs to the elderly. EDDM would not make sense since your target market is a very specific demographic. In this case, a targeted mailing list would be your best option.

But what about those businesses where anyone that owns a home could be a potential customer?

Think about plumbers, contractors, pest control, lawn care, etc. These are the types of businesses that should be sending mail to every home in the area. But should their mail be delivered to apartments?

The answer is probably not.

Companies that offer residential services typically do not receive service calls or requests from people who live in apartment complexes. Apartment complex owners will either handle these issues through an onsite maintenance person or contracted company. If you’re the type of business that offers residential services, it’s a waste of money to distribute your mail pieces to residents living in apartments.

How can this be avoided? You need to use your EDDM mailing options to your advantage by asking yourself the following questions.

  • Should my EDDM mailer be delivered to PO Boxes?
  • Should I be targeting people that live in apartments?
  • Does my EDDM mailer need to be delivered to business addresses?

If you find yourself excluding a significant number of addresses, you should consider a full service mailing option instead of EDDM. With a full service mailing option, you will get the lowest postage rate possible and we give you the ability to remove apartments, business addresses, and PO Boxes ensuring that you are maximizing your marketing dollars.

Although this seems like a pretty obvious consideration, I can tell you from firsthand experience that many business owners are overlooking these EDDM mailing options.

In summation, before moving forward with any direct mail campaign, you need to do your research and consult with a mailing expert to determine the best and most cost effective direct mail solution for your business.

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