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Get a Jump on Holiday Direct Mail Combine Holiday Offers with Interactive Postcards

It’s hard to believe, but the Holiday Season is right around the corner.

Although it may seem like it’s too early to start planning your marketing for the Holiday Season, it most certainly is not.

Every year prospective and previous clients call very late in the season to begin their marketing. Unfortunately, many times, they are too late and can’t hit their desired mail delivery dates. By planning in advance you can avoid this potential pitfall and ensure that your marketing game plan can be executed by the time the Holidays arrive.

Once you get your plan in motion, the next step is to determine which direct mail piece will yield you a great return.

Choosing a direct mail piece can be tricky as it is driven by many factors such as the type of promotion, amount of content, time of year etc. In addition, there are many options to choose from which makes it even more difficult to choose the right piece.

For this Holiday season we suggest that you start by considering our line of Interactive Postcards.

We have two great options including our Scratch-Off Postcard & our New Peel-A-Box postcard. Let’s take a look at what makes these pieces a great choice for your Holiday marketing.

peel-a-box example
postcard scratch-off example

For starters, our line of interactive postcards create a high level of excitement by grabbing the consumer’s attention.

Intriguing the consumer with the possibility of getting a great deal or winning a prize which is revealed underneath the scratch off or peel a box increases readership, in turn increasing ROI.

Our interactive postcards also offer a variable printed message underneath the scratch off or peel a box. This allows you to completely control the message underneath each and every card giving you ultimate control over your campaign. Furthermore, the reverse side of each of these interactive postcards offers additional space for more coupons, offers, specials or whatever content you wish to promote.

A strategically designed holiday theme in conjunction with an interactive element and exciting campaign is a recipe for a success and will allow you stick out from the competition.

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