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3 Time Saving Tips for EDDM®

If you are considering or have done Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) than you know there is a bit of legwork involved especially if you choose to handle the bundling and necessary paperwork yourself.

Today we will begin sharing some secret tips to help expedite the process and ultimately save you your most precious asset, time.

EDDM Tip 1 – Use a Scale

Instead of counting out every EDDM bundle of 50, 100 or 200, utilize a scale to weigh the pieces. Once you have your first bundle counted and weighed simply weigh all remaining bundles.

Mail on scale

EDDM Tip 2 – Create Stacks Based on Size

If you do not have access to a scale, we recommend that you count out your first EDDM bundle and then create stacks based on the size of the counted out bundle. Simply place them side by side to the counted out bundle until they are the same size.

EDDM stacks

EDDM Tip 3 – Photocopy the Facing Slip

Instead of manually filling in each facing slip per route, you can save time by printing one facing slip for each route and then photocopying that facing slip. Simply fill in information that doesn’t change then make a copy of that facing slip. The only thing that changes within each of your route bundles is the bundle number. Example: Bundle 2 of 4.

Keep checking back for more tips on direct mail marketing & Every Door Direct Mail.