New Mover Monthly Mailing Program

Target people that have just moved to your area. You select the radius and monthly cap and our team takes care of the mailing list, graphic design, printing, and we mail the postcards out every month.

Mail Shark’s Monthly New Mover Postcard Program Includes:

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  • You choose the area you want to target
  • We acquire the New Mover mailing list
  • We design, print & mail prospects monthly
  • You pay weekly or monthly
  • No minimums & no cancellation fees
  • Free custom design and stock photography
  • Full color, double sided print on thick 100# gloss card


People that are moving to a new area are ideal customers to target. This is typically a time in their life when they are spending money to help make the transition easier.

This makes New Mover Postcards the perfect marketing tool for local restaurants, general contractors, phone service providers, landscapers, and other home and personal service providers. Get started with New Mover Postcards for your business today.

Banks and lending institutions often use New Mover Postcards to target first time home buyers with refinancing offers.

New Mover Postcard Strategy for Your Business

In order to be successful with New Mover Postcard Marketing, you need to have a strategy.

The team at Mail Shark are experts in analyzing our customers businesses and strategically developing New Mover Mailing List Programs that reach new customers in their area.

Get started with New Mover Postcards for your business today.

Here’s How the Program Works

New Mover Postcards Are Only $0.90 per Household!

This price includes graphic design, printing, mailing list, and postage. No extra costs or hidden fees. No long term contracts! Compare to competitors charging up to $1.67 per piece.

Our process is simple:

Work with our team to select the area you want to target, your choices are:
1.) By Radius
2.) By Carrier Route
3.) By Zip Code

You pick a cap or maximum budget you want to spend every month. For example:
– If you want to cap your monthly new mover program at $100 dollars, this will get you exactly 111 new mover cards every month.
– If the number of new movers exceeds 111 for that month in the areas you chose, we will simply mail the closest 111 to your business, and not mail to the rest.
– If there are less than 111 new movers in a particular month, we will mail to all the addresses and will prorate your billing to match the actual number postcards mailed that month.

Choose your payment option:
1.) Monthly Payments – You are invoiced for the entire amount at the end of the month and can either pay with Credit Card or via an ACH debit.
2.) Weekly Payments – Pay by the week and we will set you up with an ACH debit on the day of your choice each week.

Get More Information on New Mover Postcards for Your Business

Use the form below to have a Mail Shark campaign specialist provide you with information and a count of new movers in your area.