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Direct Mail for Car Dealerships

In the past few years, United States consumers have bought a lot of vehicles — a combination of cars, light trucks and SUVs. Whether you sell one make of vehicle or have a variety on your lot, your car dealership wants to sell as much as possible each month. To help you grab the attention of people around your community, it’s time for some serious car dealer-focused direct mail.

Mail Shark offers several types of direct mail ideal for car dealerships. Just fill out the form on this page, and one of our account specialists will be in touch right away. Why waste another week wondering if you’ll make your sales goals this quarter? Contact our team of experts today.

Get the Direct Mail Options You Want From Mail Shark

You don’t try to put every prospect into the same type of vehicle. That would be crazy! It’s the same philosophy we have. Every car dealership requires a unique direct mail solution. This is the reason we offer several types of direct mail options:

  • Bulk/Saturation Mail: Bulk mail is sent out in a massive quantity to a large geographic area. Everyone, from businesses to homeowners to apartment dwellers, gets a copy of your direct mail when you use saturation mailing. It’s economical, but not as targeted.
  • Targeted Direct Mail: Targeted direct mail allows you to do more than just send out your marketing materials to a specific audience. Additional advantages include:
    • You can write more personalized text on all your direct mail items, like postcards, brochures and flyers. The more you know about the people you’re sending mail to, the more you can customize your offers, coupons, credit options and trade-in suggestions.
    • You can focus on one type of vehicle for a targeted marketing, rather than all the vehicles on your lot. For instance, you may want to market your SUVs to parents with three or more children. If you want, you can work with Mail Shark to develop several campaigns running concurrently to strategically reach numerous audiences.
    • You can put images on your direct mail that resemble your prospects. As an example, if you’re trying to sell to recently married couples with two incomes, you can showcase an image of a couple in front of a new car. This image will psychologically speak to your audience because they can relate to it.
  • Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM): Every Door Direct Mail was introduced several years ago by the United States Postal Service. It’s affordable because it allows you to give your mail pieces to the post office for single letter carriers to deliver on their routes. This way, you avoid spending too much in postage. You can also target certain neighborhoods effectively with EDDM.

Not sure which type is best suited for your needs? Talk to an account specialist at Mail Shark. We have the direct mail know-how and years of experience to fit you with the right service. Plus, we ask for no money upfront to work with us on all your design, printing and mailing needs. Complete our contact form and be sure to request free samples to see how Mail Shark can help grow your business.

Mailers Are Your Door-to-Door Salespeople

Who has the time or energy to devote to door-to-door selling? Not only is it impractical, but it may even be illegal in certain neighborhoods and jurisdictions.

Instead of sending sales personnel out to get more business, get your car dealer mailers to do the work for you. All mailers sent through Mail Shark are delivered on a consistent basis to the prospects of your choice. The mailers contain exactly what you want potential buyers to know about your car dealership, and they are standalone items. Never waste another penny on mailers that come in a multi-mailer packet that’s likely to be thrown away. With Mail Shark, your car dealer mailers are more likely to be seen, read and, in some cases, kept around.

Ramp up your sales with mailers today! To start a relationship with Mail Shark, you need no money down. Our convenient payment options allow you to incrementally cover the cost of our professional services. Read what other customers have said about their experiences with Mail Shark, and fill out the online form today.

Choose the Direct Mail Piece that Suits Your Business

What makes a prospective car buyer choose one dealership over another? In many cases, it comes down to buzz and branding. The more often a potential buyer hears about a certain dealership, the more likely they will choose that dealership when it’s time to explore the purchase of a vehicle.

Your car dealership can increase the odds you’ll be a prospect’s first pick with full-color, high-quality direct mail pieces from Mail Shark. Our mailers are custom-created to fit your needs. You’ll love the way they look and feel, as well as how eye-catching they are.

Several Great Postcard Sizes for Your Car Dealership

Postcards from Mail Shark come in a variety of sizes:

  • Oversized Postcards (5.5″×10.5″): Why make a little splash when you can make an oversized one? These postcards are bigger than the standard 4″×6″ postcards usually mailed to people. They’ll stand out among the other envelopes and pieces of mail.
  • Jumbo Postcards (8.5″×10.5″): These jumbo-sized postcards are almost as big as a sheet of printer paper! They can be designed with text, images, logos and more. Imagine how easy it will be for the people who receive these to remember your name!
  • New Mover Postcard (6″×9″): New movers to your area may be in the market for a new vehicle, too. These new mover postcards are the right size to say, “Welcome to the neighborhood!” and offer special, limited-time deals. You’ll be the first car dealership to make their acquaintance, putting you in an enviable position.

Would you like to get more mileage from your car dealer postcards? Consider improving the engagement between your postcard and prospect with these interactive postcards:

  • Peel-a-Box Postcards: These postcards make it so much fun for prospects to get involved with the process of finding out their special deal, or perhaps seeing what kind of trade-in value they can get. A sticker is added to the front of the postcard, making it exciting for recipients to pull it off.
  • Scratch-Off Postcards: We offer scratch-off options for both oversized and jumbo postcards. When your recipient receives the postcard, they have to scratch off a certain area to see what’s beneath. Not only does this type of interactivity add enthusiasm, but it increases the chances of your prospect making the decision to come to your car lot for a visit.

Explain Your Dealership in More Detail with Brochures

Our brochures come in several sizes, so feel free to explore which will benefit your car dealership:

  • Small Brochure (8.5″×10.5″): This small brochure gives you just enough room to talk about your car dealership history, offerings and deals. Whet your prospects’ appetites, and get them to take a test drive with these professional-looking brochures.
  • Standard Brochure (10.5″×17″): Think you need more real estate than a small brochure provides? Opt for our traditionally-sized brochure instead. You have the room to add a coupon or other announcement, or just include more images of vehicles.
  • XL Brochure (10.5″×21″): Have tons to say? Want to make people drool with images of luxury vehicles at incredible prices? The XL brochure is big and bold. It tells everyone you mean business, and you’re ready to make some deals.

Customize Your Car Dealer Mailers With Irresistible Offers

Wondering what you should say on your customized Mail Shark mailer? Why not consider one or more of the following ideas:

  • An announcement of your newest vehicles, including MSRP, rebates and discounts.
  • A limited-time offer on certain makes and models.
  • A big event you’re hosting that’s open to families and individuals who may be interested in taking test drives.
  • A year-end blowout to reduce the amount of vehicles on the lot.
  • Exciting credit approval processes that make it simpler for most people to buy or lease a car.
  • Exclusive diagnostics and other vehicle services for those who take a test drive.

There’s really no shortage of how you can position your car dealership as a competitive leader. Over time, your prospects who receive mailers will begin to associate car buying with your company’s name. When they’re ready to take the next step, they’ll be much more likely to head to your car lot — and that gives you and your team the chance to sell.

Car Buyers in a Hurry Need Immediate Solutions

Car buyers come in all shapes and sizes, and many are in a hurry to either trade in their current vehicles or purchase an additional (or first) vehicle. Their desire to make a deal can be a huge asset for you and your salespeople. However, you have to make sure they know your name, where you are and why it’s a good idea to come to your lot first.

Direct mail campaigns from Mail Shark put you in front of potential buyers on a consistent basis. At regular intervals, they will receive mail from your car dealership, not your competitors’ dealership. When they are pressed for time, you will be the first company that comes to mind. It’s part of the magic — and science — of direct mail.

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