How Pizza Shop Owners Can Boost Business

Do you dream of a day when your pizza shop is so busy that it’s necessary to expand just to accommodate all the traffic? The best way to make this dream a reality is to competitively set yourself against the 73,000 other pizzerias in America.

Of course, you’re not really competing against all of them. Pizza tends to be a very local experience. Still, it’s not a bad idea to ask yourself what you would do if you HAD to compete with them all. How would you increase sales for your pizzeria, even in a saturated marketplace? Chances are good you’d actively look for marketing ideas for pizza shops and adopt the ones that made the most sense.

We’re here to help by offering some tried-and-true ways to move the needle up in terms of the number of slices and pies you sell in a year. Use the ones that resonate most with you.

Marketing Ideas for Pizzerias

Some of the best and brightest pizza shop owners in the business are using the following marketing methodologies to ramp up their seasonal and annual revenue.

  • Launch a consistent direct mail marketing campaign. If your marketing efforts have been a bit scattered, you need to take a new approach. The best way to earn more customers is to consistently expose them to your brand and offerings. The most inexpensive way to do that is through direct mail marketing campaigns delivered on a consistent basis. Over time, your prospective pizzeria patrons will start to associate their pizza cravings with your shop. Guess which pizza restaurant they’ll call first
  • Provide interesting, substantial promotions and coupons. The era of the “one free topping” or “10 percent off your total order” coupon is over. Today, pizza lovers are looking for the best deal they can get. This usually means getting something free that’s considered bigger-ticket, like two pizzas for the price of one. One note: Always be sure your coupons are trackable and have an expiration date. This allows you to judge performance, and it lights a fire under potential buyers to use the coupon before it expires.
  • Start a loyalty club or program. Online loyalty clubs are hot right now, and for a good reason: They work. You can begin a loyalty club by gathering patron names, emails and other information in a database. This information can then be used to send out exclusive offers only to loyalty club members. Be sure to direct loyalty club patrons to your social media pages. If they start to follow you and share your messages, they’ll organically increase your pizza shop’s reach.
  • Define your pizza delivery area. You aren’t trying to get everyone in a 200-mile radius to buy your pizza. In fact, you’re probably only trying to sell within a very specific geographic location. Define that location alone or with the help of a marketing partner. Really delve into the neighborhoods and communities you feel you could ideally serve. Then, blanket those prospects with direct mail pieces like pizza shop menus, magnets, postcards, flyers and other materials.
  • Add pizza box toppers to your marketing supplies. Some of the best advertising real estate for pizzerias is the top of the pizza box. Don’t allow one pie to leave your restaurant without a pizza box topper! Pizza box toppers can even be magnetized, encouraging buyers to pull them off and then stick them directly on the refrigerator.

Why worry about whether you’ll have a banner year? Focus on proven marketing ideas and watch your pizza shop’s business grow!