Mail Shark Job Opportunity

Office Support Assistant

Posted: May 19, 2023
Quick Look Employment: Full-Time

Location: Mail Shark - Mohnton & Reading, PA

Department(s): Human Resources

Job Description

Reports to the Office Support Manager. Works well independently and as a team assisting in a wide range of duties focused on supporting, organizing and maximizing efficiencies of the daily office and employee needs. Strong interpersonal skills to ensure all team members have the needed tools and a great workspace to accomplish the demands of the job. Attention to detail and communication with management and employees to quickly accomplish tasks, resolve issues and improve our work environment.

Duties and Responsibilities


Language Ability:

Math Ability:

Reasoning Ability:

Computer Skills:

Knowledge, Skills and Other Abilities:

Education Requirements


Availability 7:30AM to 7:30PM Weekdays, usually five 8 hour workdays in a week that fall inside the availability timeframe.



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